11 inch Pizza Stone

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Delicious, sharable, and customizable, the pizza is one of the most versatile foods on the planet. However, you might have experienced the less desirable soggy crust, and burnt toppings when you’re making pizza at home. There sure seem to be many complications when it comes to the seemingly simple pizza. Here’s where a Pizza Stone can save you!


PERFECT FOR PIZZA, BREAD, COOKIES. Through incredible extensive testing and trying, we know you’ll get superb results every single time. Be ready to blow away your friends and family with AWESOME pizza. Here’s why you need a pizza stone:

  • The tiny cracks and crevices on a pizza stone enables evaporating steam to escape easily. This means your pizza will have a delicious crispy crust!
  • The pizza stone material is able to hold heat evenly so you don’t have to worry about burnt spots on your pizza crust. 
  • You can preheat your pizza stone to give your pizza dough a strong burst of initial heat to puff up the crust. A conventional pan won’t be able to do this
  • Also known as a baking stone, you can use your pizza stone to cook a crisp roast chicken, tasty roots and vegetables, as well as to preheat or reheat foods. It is also an amazing way to get a thick and crunchy crust on your homemade bread!