Stainless Steel Pizza Shovel

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Find yourself spilling the ingredient off the top of the pizza when you place it in the oven? Afraid of burning your fingers off when it’s time to remove your pizza from the oven? If this is the case, then you definitely need our stainless steel pizza peel. 



VERSATILE PIZZA SERVER: Pizza spatula transfers exquisite bread, cakes, pies, pastries to an oven, wood-fired oven, or grill, so as not to burn hands from the oven or the hot baked food.  It’s also a great tool to turn your pizza to ensure even cooking. You’ll be able to avoid charred spots because turning your pizza with our pizza shovel is so much easier!

RUGGED AND DURABLE: High quality, long-lasting, stainless steel design. The connection is made of rivets, which are strong and durable. The large pizza peel will remain rust-free, greatly handle the weight of the food, and remain intact for years to come. Not like wood spatulas that easily corrode and bend when flipping cooking & baking goods.

COMFORTABLE GRIP HANDLE: The handle is ergonomically constructed for easy operation. Suitable length will keep your hands safe from heat and never bend, break, or fall off. 

CONVENIENT STORAGE: The end of the handle has a hole, you can hang it everywhere you like, easy to store after use it.

IMPRESS YOUR GUEST: Invite your friends and family over and let them see you in action with your pizza shovel. Enjoy their ‘Ooohhs’ and ‘Ahhhhs’ as you become the new pizza expert in your neighborhood!


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