How to light up the pellets

It's not easy to cook with pellets for the first time. Here are some tips to help you light up the pellets.


  • 100% hardwood pellet
  • Firestarter
  • Blow Torch

Step by step to light the pellets:

  • To fill 80% the fire box with 100% hardwood pellet.
  • Place a natural firestarter at the lip of the burner grate. We recommend that you do not use petroleum based firestarter as these may impart unwanted flavors to your food.
  • Light the firestarter and slide the grate back into the main body.
  • When you need to refill the pellets, you need to make sure which model you are using now, if you keep the Fremont, you can slide the grate out and fill small amounts of pellets into the grate then slide back into the main body. If you bought the Henson, you can open the grate on top of the oven and fill small amounts of pellets then close the grate. You may like to refill the pellets gradually to keep the certain temperature.