Ervine 1800W Electric Oven

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Multi-Layer Temperature, Adjustable, View Window, LED Digital Display, Bake, Broil, Toast, Steam, Rotisserie For Home, Outdoor


  • Electric Powered: 110V voltage, 1800W, Maximum temperature is 1562℉. The temperature of the second layer reach 1472℉, locks in gravy faster. The temperature difference between each layer is 122℉, decreasing from layer to layer.
  • NOTE: Oil plate to be put on the bottom, add water or vegetables to prevent dry burning, play a protective role to prevent accidents.
  • Visual design: The viewing window & LED display make it easy to visually observe the baking status of the food.
  • Pizza oven: Put the pizza stone on the second layer, preheat for 5 minutes, and when the temperature of the pizza stone reaches 482-572°F, you can turn off the heat and bake the pizza, which can make the bottom of the pizza crispier and the surface cheese easier to draw.
  • Bake, Roast, Grill & Sear: Indoor or outdoor, multi-site applicable, you can move it at any time. Can grill meat, pizza, seafood, etc.


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