Portable Pizza Oven

Craving for a nice juicy burger, a perfectly charred steak or a delicious smoky food fire pizza? Gyber’s outdoor grills and pizza ovens will make you the ultimate chef. Lightweight, portable, easy to use and easy to clean, our grills and ovens heat up quickly and cook evenly. Use it for a backyard bbq, set it up on the beach or pack it along to the mountains, you’ll have mouth watering food in no time. Don’t forget to check out our amazing accessories - they take the Gyber experience to a whole new level!

Try making your own pizza at home with our pizza dough recipe using fast action yeast today. Choose from some of the family favourites if you’re not sure what pizza to serve for dinner tonight; Chicago Deep Dish Pizza or Pizza Ortolana. If you prefer sourdough pizza crust, we’ve got you covered!

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