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Unlock pizza stone can be used in outdoor grill and home oven, ideal for cooking and baking homemade or frozen pizzas, cookies, biscuits, bread, and more.

Please read the entire instruction manual before using the product and save it for future reference.



* Never season the stone with oil or grease prior to use.

* Never handle a hot pizza stone with your bare hands.

* Never soak the stone in water. Allow the stone to cool before washing. Not dishwasher safe.

* Do not cut pizza on the pizza stone.

* Stone can break if bumped or dropped. If this occurs, handle it with care.



* Wash pizza stone with water before first use (do NOT use soap or detergent which may affect the taste of food).

* Sprinkle flour or cornmeal on top of the stone to create a non-stick surface before placing the dough on it.

* Use a plastic scraper or spatula to remove any excess food while washing.

* The stone will darken and some staining may occur with use. This is normal and part of the stones natural seasoning. It will not impact the performance of the stone or affect he taste of food.



The thickness of the pizza stone is 1 inch

The stone is not dishwasher safe,please use the dry mop or water to clean it up.


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