Glowen lunch


for flatbread:

  • 500g of flour
  • 350ml of water
  • 10g of salt
  • 7g of dry yeast

for Steak seasoning:

  • Salt
  • Pepper

for baked potatos:

  • Salt
  • Fat
  • Garlic
  • Peppers
  • Olive oil


For flatbread:

Make a dough from the above and let it rise at room temperature for 1 hour. Shape into a round cake with a diameter of approx. 28 cm and bake in Glowen at 300 degrees for 4-5 minutes. It takes a little longer because it is much thicker than a classic pizza. Be sure to keep an eye on the it and when it is a nice golden color, it is ready.

For steak:

I don’t have a special recipe for this! I baked the skirt steak for a total of 5 minutes – 3 on one side, 1.5-2 minutes on the other side at 250 degrees! It is seasoned only with salt, and after baking with pepper. Left to rest for 10 minutes in foil! 

For baked potatos:

The potatoes were baked for about 10 minutes at 250 degrees, salted and with a little fat. Peppers and garlic together, a little olive oil and smoked Maldon salt. I baked them until they were golden brown! 

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