Hawaiian Smoked Ribs



2 pork ribs racks

13 gallons of Hawaiian Punch

Honey Chipotle Killer Bee by KosmosQ for Ribs Rub



5 tbsp water

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp Pineapple Heat Rib Glaze by KosmosQ

1 tbsp Hawaiian Punch

1 tbsp Honey Chipotle Killer Bee BBQ Rub by KosmosQ



Chopped green onion

Pineapple Heat Rib Glaze


-Start by submerging your Pork Ribs in Hawaiian Punch over night (add some ice to keep it cool).

-Season your Pork Ribs with Honey Chipotle Killer Bee

-Place them on the smoker at 300F

-Spritz with more Hawaiian Punch every half hour

-After 3 hours, glaze the “rib glaze” on using a basting brush, wrap in foil, and return to the grill for another 2 hours.

-Take them off, unwrap them, paint them with the Pineapple Heat Rib Glaze and place them back on the smoker to tack up for 30 more minutes.

-After that, cut them up and top with Pineapple slices and fresh Green Onion.

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